In Relationship With Me


On retreat our yoga teacher, Ally, said that self love means being in relationship with yourself, your whole self. It’s not about always being in a space of self love. It’s about allowing it to ebb and flow.

Here’s how I’m reinvesting in my relationship with me as of late.

1. Getting quiet. I’m spending more time with my journal, on my meditation cushion, even just enjoying those ten uninterrupted (sometimes) minutes in the shower.

2. Forgiving myself. I can’t do it all and beating myself up about it only makes me feel worse. I use my values as a way to get clear on how I can show up for my family and for myself. And then I do the best I can with emails and meal planning and friend dates.

3. I practice. I return to my mat again and again as an act of kindness to myself. I get on my mat, even if it’s pigeon pose I’m half asleep in, returning to my mat always means returning to myself. Pausing to breathe all throughout the day helps me maintain a baseline of calm-ishness.

How do you return to you?

Mary Beth LaRueComment