It's Quieter Here

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I’m an extroverted introvert.

I’m a Virgo sun, Leo rising and Libra moon.

I’m someone who values harmony, quiet and ease.

I’m a new lover of Reiki and my body and heart are taking to it like a bee to honey.

I love nothing more than fresh notebook and a spacious coffee shop (preferably streaked with sunlight and graced with plants in every nook and cranny.)

I’m also the mama to a sweet little Sag boy with big brown eyes and a mischievous, toothy grin. He’s twenty-one months and has a wise soul.

I feel wildly re-inspired to teach yoga, meditation, breath and create experiences that include our whole soulSelf. I’m wildly re-inspired to write and share in an authentic way. It’s been twelve years of teaching and many more of writing and I’m more excited than ever.

Way less focused on “doing,” as of late.
Instead : quieting, clearing, magnetizing, dropping into flow.

Feels so damn good. A return home.

Mary Beth LaRueComment