IV Me, Please

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A couple of months ago I scheduled with @thewlnss to have a vitamin IV in the comfort of my own home. You better believe I loaded that IV up with every anti-aging, beautifying supplement known to man, but when the day came, I was sick as can be. I’ll tell you what, having an IV in the comfort of your own home when you feel like complete hell (or honestly even if you don’t) was complete heaven. I napped afterward, woke up feeling much better and still finished the entire season of “Euphoria” because it’s not everyday this mama has the couch, the pup AND the Netflix to herself.

Thank you @thewlnss for seriously turning my week around.

Click here to register for your own IV, acupuncture or cupping at home and try for yourself. (Adorable bulldog not included.)

Mary Beth LaRueComment