There is more to life than conquering mountains

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I came across this poem, by @beautaplin, a few days ago:

There is more to life than conquering mountains,
than expanding all of your efforts
on achieving a singular goal
without taking a breath
or time to savour the view.
Slow Down
you are allowed
to set up camp
once in awhile

to set yourself
aside some time
to renew your heart

to lie your head
back in the soft grass
and marvel at the stars.

Oh my goodness.

The words “slow down you are allowed to set up camp once in awhile,” truly anchored in my heart. I often look at my endless to do list and endless email inbox and make the mistake of thinking that those things are the mountain that I’m climbing. That I’m meant to continue answering, checking off, filing away for the rest of my days. And I feel a sense of purpose when I look at a to do list that is no longer and an email inbox wiped clean.

But when I truly pause, as I did with my Morning Pages this morning, I’m meant to set up camp. For moments here and there, every single day. The true purpose is in the paying attention. To the mess of toys on the floor, the mess of words in my head and heart, the gorgeous mess of my relationships, my creative spirit, my whole life.

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