What's Yours Will Find You


I had coffee this morning with two of my closest girlfriends and we all showed up pretty exhausted. Allergies, unruly children and puppies and, well, just life.

I said to them “Do you think our lives will become simpler? Can they?”

I don’t believe it’s a false idea. But I do believe simplicity is a choice and it requires effort. When I think about what makes my life feel simple and nourishing, it’s these things - 

  • meditation and prayer and breath

  • paying attention to the moment I’m actually in, no matter what

  • knowing what’s a yes for me and what isn’t

  • less time on a screen and more in a notebook or nothing at all

  • eating things that are green and drinking lots of water

  • sunshine and laying in the grass

  • forgiving myself and others a bit faster

And then there’s the words above - what’s yours will find you.

When I repeat those words back to myself, my entire being takes a big sigh of relief. It helps me loosen my grip on life, breathe a bit deeper and (try) to trust life as it unfolds.

What feels simple and true to you? 
What would it take to live from that space this week?

Mary Beth LaRueComment