Welcome back

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When I walked in to teach my first yoga class this past Monday one of the girls looked at me and said “Welcome back.”

And then she said, “Oh wait, that was weird. You didn’t go anywhere.”

But I did. And welcome back is absolutely perfect. I feel like my spirit has been in a pressure cooker for the past couple of years. There have been moments that have felt downright unbearable, but when I reflect back, for the most part it just “was.”

A whole lot of stuff happened. Some things I labeled as stressful, amazing, life changing, “for certain.” Things happened. And I labeled them. I suffered. I celebrated. I worked diligently with my coach Shelli Lawrence and I stopped labeling quite as much. I suffered less. I celebrated a bit more. And today, I feel lighter.

Whatever space you are in today, it’s impermanent. It’s as fleeting as your breath, clouds, waves, weather. Keep your eyes open. Your heart open. I will too.

Mary Beth LaRueComment