Goodbye 2018

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As I say goodbye to 2018 I wanted to reflect on what this transformational year has taught me. Here’s my reminders to self of what I’ve learned during 2018, the year the universe schooled me.

+ To limit words like always, never, should.

+ That five years ago you were totally unsure if you wanted to be a mom. And today it’s the greatest gift of your life. Perspectives change as you do.

+ Library cards will save you a ton of money and make you giddy every time you get new books.

+ Try to take things less personally. Let it roll off.

+ You don’t know what’s going to happen in five minutes or five years. When you stop resisting this you embrace uncertainty with curiosity and feel much more free.

+ Hoping does not “jinx” things. Do more of it.

+ “Life is happening for me not to me.” Also file away as: being a victim sucks for you and everybody else so don’t do it anymore.

+ Having a partner who has your back is the greatest gift ever. Even when you have some serious fights on occasion. Don’t make it wrong. Just let yourself be a human.

+ You and the universe are writing your story. No need to explain yourself constantly or label your experiences or yourself.

+ Slowing down is imperative for your wellbeing. Magnetize rather than hustle and struggle.

+ Your resentments have very little to do with other people and everything to do with you.

+ Your coach taught you that reality is always kinder than our thoughts about it. Also asking for help is a good thing. Like hiring someone or calling your best friend at midnight.

+ What is meant for you will find you. Period.

2018, thank you.

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