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Morning Rituals

When I was little my parents would have my brother and I crawl into their big bed and we would say the Rosary before we went to school. A shorter version, not the whole thing. I grew up Catholic but an accepting, open-minded and progressive sort of Catholic. Our own hodge podge of beliefs and values and messy love.

I really didn't like doing this before school. I wanted to eat breakfast and watch TV and probably put on more mascara. But in retrospect it was a really powerful time for us as a family and something that's stuck with me.

I, myself, have been playing with rituals and what works for me. By taking this time to pause both in the evening and in the morning I can direct where my day is headed rather than spend that time reacting to a barrage of emails, texts and social media notifications.

Here's my morning rituals as of right now and what I'm loving.

I wake up to a normal alarm clock around 6:45 am. I keep my iPhone downstairs on Airplane mode for the evening. (I try to power down by 8 pm but sometimes by 9 pm.)

I make myself a delicious mushroom coffee. I haven't been drinking much coffee since this past March. I noticed it made me feel really, really anxious and overwhelmed so I switched to mushroom coffee which only has 40 mg of caffeine (like a chai tea) and mushrooms to support mental clarity, energy, etc.

Then in order to "unlock" my phone, I meditate. Some days it's five minutes and most days it's around 12. I'd love to work up to a 20 minute sit but I'm just not there yet. I breathe, sometimes listen to an Elena Brower or Tara Brach meditation and just sit. Lately I've noticed I've been offering up a lot of prayers and asking for some help. It feels good.

Then I start my day. Quiet, intentional, spacious and easy.