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We Can Do Better: Protect Our Babies + Our Families

This little boy doesn’t belong to me. I don't get to call him ”mine.” But it's my job, and an honor and responsibility I don't take lightly, to protect him.

As a foster parent I've sat in countless courtrooms, hospitals, county offices and waiting rooms the last several months and I've seen kids who have no one fighting for them or advocating of them or simply giving them a hug when they need it. There are thousands upon thousands of kids who need you here and now thousands separated from their parents at the border.

We can do more. We can do better. We can do hard things especially for these kids who do not have the voices, the support, the tools, the privilege and the ability to look away from what makes us uncomfortable.

Call your representatives, give to Together Rising, raise your voice, open your home or even just your heart. As adults this is OUR JOB. Protect our babies, protect our neighbors, protect our family we may have never even met. Six months ago this little boy was a stranger and today he is my purpose.