The Practice:

A Mentorship For Yoga Teachers

One-on-one mentoring designed to elevate and inform your teaching and studentship.

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Call One:

Define Your Why


Call Three:

Make Bold Moves


Call Two:

Design Your Practice


Call Four:

It’s Time to Thrive


What’s included:

- Four hour-long video calls
- Weekly homework and accountability partner
- A one-on-one mentoring session with me
- Lifetime access to our online community

Payment plans available.

Client Testimonials

You hold the incredible gifts of teaching, mentoring, holding space and sharing this practice which I've always known you loved but in this four week experience, I could really feel and see as if it were a bright, shining light.
Katie Kurtz, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher

Two years after the mentorship, it's MB's voice (and the guidance that she provided in the training) that rings in my ear when I'm creating programs, find myself in a teaching funk, or am in need of aligning my teaching with my why. As a full time teacher, this program offered the fill up and inspiration that I needed for myself and for my students. 
Erin Thomas, Yoga Teacher

The Yoga Teacher Mentorship turned out to be so much more than what I had expected. There was connection, conversation and laughs during our weekly video calls. We received homework that was inspiring and thought provoking. This offering has strengthened my confidence and provided direction in many aspects of my life. I highly recommend the Yoga Teacher Mentorship and look forward to participating in more offerings by Mary Beth. 
Alexis Abbate, Yoga Teacher

What is so unique about Mary Beth's mentorship program is the diversity of teachers that gather together. I got to witness all the ways these individuals were creating and establishing themselves in their communities. Mary Beth does an exceptional job of navigating these conversations so each person has space to share. I learned something from each person in my intimate group. I loved how MB breaks down each week for us to consider the different parts that go into being a yoga teacher, and other offerings. I would sign up 1,0000 times over for this. Truly a cherished experience.
Meghan McCoy, Yoga Teacher + Coach

Through the work we did, I felt a huge shift in not only my teaching but my personal practice as well. One of the most incredible things about mentorship with MB was the space that she held for us to feel safe as we all shared, evolved, and connected with each other over our passion for yoga and sharing that with others. I still keep in touch with many of the women I went through the program with and they all continue to serve as a constant source of inspiration for me.
Jenna Dailey, Yoga Teacher + Photographer