I'm Mary Beth. My friends call me MB.

I'm a yoga teacher, coach and writer, as well as the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss. My friends would say I am big-hearted and have a tendency to repeat my jokes if you didn't laugh the first time. 

I’m a lover of books, the ocean, matcha lattes, hip hop and a zillion other things. And really, I’m an Iowa girl living in Silver Lake, Los Angeles with my husband and our English bulldog Rosy. We are foster parents growing our family through foster adoption. (Read more about that here.)

During my journey of teaching yoga for a decade, I’ve traveled the world teaching professional cyclists, taught alongside Michael Franti and even designed custom yoga programs for rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters and the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. I've taught classes of thousands of people, graced the cover of Yoga Journal, created a mentorship program for yoga teachers and got certified in life coaching from Martha Beck. I have online classes on Wanderlust TV, Yoga Anytime and Yogis Anonymous.  I've spoken about our foster adoption journey for HBO, written about it for Yoga Journal and have been featured on the HBO "Where Do You Exist?" podcast and on Good Morning America.

I'm the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, coaching to help others design a life that... rocks their bliss. My best friend Jacki and I dreamt up Rock Your Bliss almost five years ago out of our own need for authentic connection and tools that work and have since been astounded by the amazing women we've worked with and the fun we've had while doing it. We offer online programs, workshops, retreats and launched a podcast this past year.

I also am a part of Wanderlust Festivals and travel all throughout North America teaching at their festivals. I love Wanderlust for many, many reasons but their commitment to a tight knit community, top notch yoga and amazing music is right on par with my own.

I offer one-one-one coaching as well as a group mentorship for yoga teachers. Whether we are talking creating solid boundaries or what's most important to you or where you feel stuck, I love getting vulnerable and real and trying on new perspectives.

I truly believe we can design the life of our dreams. We just gotta put in the work and get out of our own way.